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You should inform your doctor if you are already taking any of the following drugs before he prescribes risperidone zydus pharmaceuticals alcohol; anafranil; antihypertensives; anzemet; asendin; atamet; avelox; aventyl; betapace; biaxin; central nervous system depressants; clozaril; cordarone; covert; dopar; elavil; e-mycin; epitol; geodon; haldol; halfan; imitrex; inapsine; lariam; larodopa; larodopa; levaquin; mellaril; mirapex; norpace; norpramin; norpramin; orap; orlaam; parlodel; paxil; permax; procainbid; pronestyl; propulsid; prozac; quinaglute; quinidex; requip; rythmol; sarafem; serentil; sinemet; sinequan; sorine; surmontil; tegretol; tequin; thorazine; tikosyn; tofranil; trisenox; vascor; vivactil; zofran; zomig.

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If sinemet sr is discontinued, the dose should be tapered to reducethe risk of hyperpyrexia and confusion.

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