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, those with evidence of increased intracranial pressure or brain tumors , anacin with codeine codeine phosphate sulfate tablets may reduce respiratory drive, and the resultant co 2 retention can further increase intracranial pressure.

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if you need surgery, tell the surgeon ahead of time that you are using anacin.

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census records can tell you a lot of little known facts about your anacin ancestors, such as occupation.

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before to start treatment with anacin consult with your doctor or pharmacist if you have allergy to food, medicines, or other substances, asthma, bleeding or clotting problems, kidney or liver problems, stomach and intestinal problems, growths in the nose, heart problems, upset stomach, heartburn, stomach pain, hives, flu, chickenpox; anxiety, trouble sleeping or heart problems; if you have a plan to become pregnant, or you are pregnant, or you re breastfeeding; if you are taking any prescribed and not prescribed medicine, herbal products, or dietary supplement; vitamin k deficiency; alcoholism or if you consume 3 or more alcohol drinks per day.


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